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AoC Zone Connections Map
Jul 19, 08 11:02 AM
Widowmistress DEAD!
May 9, 08 9:07 AM
Chardok Crawl and Chelsith!
Feb 10, 08 4:46 AM
SoD questline complete!
Jan 20, 08 7:49 AM
End of Holidays
Jan 2, 08 5:17 PM
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--Our doors are closed at this time.  The Lich sleeps.....

Just for our dear Lindlee:
What is a Lich?
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AoC Zone Connections Map

Demilitch, Jul 19, 08 11:02 AM.
Courtesy of Gharek, after a little email user error troubles, we have a very clear and easy to follow zone map of all the zone connections in the world of Hyboria.

AOC Zone Map

Widowmistress DEAD!

Demilitch, May 9, 08 9:07 AM.
The power of TO and GYS came together and after trial and error we have defeated the Tomb og Thugga!  The spider BI##H went DOWN!  Awesome work everyone!!

Chardok Crawl and Chelsith!

Demilitch, Feb 10, 08 4:46 AM.
It may not be a large accomplishment to some, but to us it is an awesome thing!  GYS whooped up on Chelsith, obtained all the gate keys to chardok, and got keyed for court of Korokust!  Excellent work everyone, I'm proud of us!!

SoD questline complete!

Demilitch, Jan 20, 08 7:49 AM.
Well, after a lot of long questing and deaths in CMM, a few of us have actually completed the SoD quest line.  Amazing in and of itself since most of us have the attention span of a Troll at a Micheal Bolton concert.  Anyway, I do apologize for the lack of comics lately, but here is one that all the Mistmoore fun has inspired.  Enjoy.

End of Holidays

Demilitch, Jan 2, 08 5:17 PM.
The Holidays have come to an end and its time to return to the normal life.  We all go back to work, the kids go back to school, and Graveyard Shift and Tranquil Order start raiding again.... or so they thought.
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